the albritton brand story

The Albritton "a" first and foremost represents our founder, James Albritton's namesake and character.  A made in the USA brand, Albritton Skis is a family business that carries the values of James himself.  As a veteran, James embodies toughness, strength, and a kick ass nature. Our team has worked very hard to ensure that all of our skis and products reflect the same values that James so strongly believes in.

Albritton Skis was born out of the Tomichi Creek back-country, an area that is riddled with legends of Ute Native Americans, an indiginous people of the Great Basin. In an effort to preserve the history and culture of the Ute people, we decided to incorporate certain elements of the Native American culture in order to pay homage to the Ute tribe. The skull and head feathers in our logo, and the totem pole illustrated in the graphics of our flagship ski, the Tomichi, represent the spirit of the tough mountain warrior Ute tribe. The "a" represents a young, aggressive ski lifestyle brand that characterizes James and is born and bred in the central Colorado mountains.  Our skis and equipment are hand crafted with superior craftsmanship right here in Colorado and are designed to encourage you to ski hard, ski fast and  Master Your Mountain.