• Has successfully skied 54 out of 58 of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks
  • Completed the first solo ski descent of Crestone Needle 
  • Strong background in both mountaineering and alpine skiing

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Team rider, Austin Porzak, was born with alpine skiing and mountaineering in his blood. Following in his father’s footsteps from a very young age, he quickly developed an intense passion for all outdoor snow sports. Growing up, Austin traveled the world with his father, constantly in search of the next big adventure. His travels took him to Mt. Makalu and Mt. Everest where he became the youngest American to traverse these two 100+ mile treks. The early exposure to the mountains and the corresponding lifestyle, peaked his interest in the outdoors and has led him to creating his own mountain oriented lifestyle. Since then, Austin has successfully skied 54 of the 58 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado, and plans to ski the remaining four this season. In addition to his vast ski accomplishments, Austin has successfully climbed Mt. McKinley, Khan Tengri, Zinalrothorn, Matterhorn, Cotopaxi, Cayambe, the entire Snowy Mountain range in Australia, and hundreds of other technical mixed alpine ski/climbs. Albritton Skis is proud to have Austin as a member of our A-Team as he truly embodies the “Master Your Mountain” theme that our company so passionately believes in.